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Editorial Policies

Transcriptions: The information recorded from the programmes consists of the date of performance; the theatrical work and playwright; details of intervals; and details of all musical content. All omitted information is indicated by ellipses in square brackets

Line endings and spacings have not been maintained in the transcriptions. They were originally formatted to comply with the paper dimensions of the programmes and are, therefore, unnecessary for understanding the content of the programmes

It is important to note that the programmes are frequently inconsistent in their orthography. In some cases these reflect contemporary spellings, which have been reproduced without comment; in others, they are clearly typographical errors which have been indicated with ‘sic’.

Indexing: Each programme is indexed using standardised forms of date, name, title, and genre as applicable and follows the conventions of the internationally-recognised standard of the Library of Congress Authorities.

Other referenced sources include:
Grove Music Online
Christopher Riches, A Dictionary of Writers and their Works (Oxford University Press, 2003)
Robert Welsh, The Concise Oxford Companion to Irish Literature (Oxford University Press, 2003)

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